Public pools

Council, professional, spa, leisure, relaxing and wellbeing swimming pools.

Council, professional, spa, leisure, relaxing and wellbeing swimming pools.

Culligan have been treating water for 75 years and have been creating beautiful swimming pools for over 50! Our products are built on the knowledge and experience that comes from building thousands of swimming pool systems all over the world.
We are able to provide the total solution to meet your needs for a public swimming pool, whether you want a turn-key solution or want to choose from our range of technological systems, chemicals or take advantage of our support service which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have created swimming pools for sports centres, leisure centres, water parks, spa centres, tourist villages and hotels and so on. We are fully experienced in designing and creating public swimming pools that meet all the relevant regional and national laws.

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Private pools

Dive into a dream with a Culligan Swimming Pool

We can help make your dream of a beautiful swimming pool a reality.

We can help make your dream of a beautiful swimming pool a reality. In the garden of your home, a swimming pool is a real dream. It transforms your home, increasing its value and also improving your lifestyle.
In the summer months, a swimming pool increases the available space in your home: your living room and dining room can extend to the side of the pool, allowing you and your guests to relax in the lovely summer evenings. Your swimming pool can be any shape. It can be big, or small for the children. It can be indoors or outdoors. What is important is that the quality of the water is perfect. This is where our 75 years’ experience of treating water throughout the world can help. We can offer you knowledge and experience that cannot be equalled!

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With over 75 years’ experience of treating water in 90 countries across the world, you can trust our experts to create the swimming pool of your dreams. ‘Piscine’ means swimming pool in Italian and we built our first swimming pool in Italy 50 years ago. Since that first pool, we have made luxury swimming pools for some of Italy’s most famous celebrities and sports stars.

Our brand, Culligan Piscine, brings the Italian style and flair to swimming pools across the world. We offer the total solution, whether that is the design of your pool, our exclusive water-treatment technology, innovative treatment systems or servicing of your pool. At Culligan we have everything you need to turn your swimming-pool dream into a reality.

Why settle for an ordinary pool? Call us today, and ‘dive into a dream’.